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Welcome to Faith Baptist Church!


Thank you for visiting us "online," and we look forward to helping you in whatever way possible. It is our desire that the information shared would encourage you to have a personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ through faith in Him, as well as allow us the opportunity to be a friend and guide in your life.

Upcoming Events


 October 19 - Bibles International Banquet

October 21 - Olympian Harvest Activity

October 22 - Pastor Greg Carlson

October 29 - white Oaks Service - 2:30pm

November 4 - Ladies Craft Day

November 5 - Bronson Commons Service - 2:30pm

November 5 - The Lord's Supper (PM)

November 5 - Deacons Meeting - 7:15

November 10 - Teen Reverb Activity

November 13 - Release Time Bible Class (1:45 & 2:50pm)











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